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Norma Bedell

Liberty University Grad Student, NILD PCET & FIE Mediator

Susan Tankersley Family Therapy, LLC

I am joining Heritage Family Center, LLC as a practicum/intern student of Liberty University where I am pursuing a Master’s in Professional Counseling. Through this new journey of counseling, I hope to provide a welcoming and encouraging environment where individuals, adolescents and adults, can feel safe and supported while walking through life’s challenges.

I have over 20 years of experience mentoring youth in various settings including churches, camps, and schools. As a certified educational therapist with the National Institute for Learning Development (NILD; 2009), I have provided educational therapy to students struggling in the academic environment with general and special education curricula. As a Level 1 Mediator with Feuerstein’s Instrumental Enrichment (FIE; 2015) standard and basic program, I have worked with students to strengthen their learning aptitude, thinking and analyzing skills. I have welcomed students with learning challenges secondary to ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia, ODD & other disorders, building their educational confidence and competence. It is my hope that my counseling training will provide increased support to these students and their families.

Give me a call (or a text) today to take the first step towards bridging the gap. Living in emotional pain, a damaged relationship, or in battle with yourself is draining and difficult. Other areas that I am passionate about in my training are Marriage and Life Coaching—encouraging positive growth and action in marriage and through various life stages. In my present life stage, I enjoy playing music, caring for our pets, hiking, adventures with my hubby, and visits from our children and grandchildren.ult, but does not need to be permanent. Meeting with me is step one on the path to being your best self, meeting your goals, and having healthy relationships.



​Norma's fees are $150 for the first initial session/90 minutes and $80 for each session/50 minutes.

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